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Dgai is an artificial turf manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, production, sales and paving. Specializing in the production of high quality artificial turf, artificial grass, artificial grass wire, artificial turf, leisure lawn, kindergarten lawn, exhibition lawn. Our products include: football field turf, basketball court turf, tennis court turf, golf course turf, landscape turf, sports turf. Our products are used in many countries.

At the same time, the company has an independent R & D department, advanced equipment, artificial turf production workshop, professional technical team, experienced construction team, all committed to providing customers with quality products and comfortable service.

Dgai takes good faith management as the purpose, high quality and low price as the goal, enthusiastic service as the guide, and strive to become an excellent artificial turf production! Suppliers . The management team of the company has an open international vision, rich experience in production management, quality management, sales management, product development, and so on. We have a deep understanding of the development status and trends of the artificial turf industry, and have a clear strategy and planning for the future development of the company. More than ten years of development process, on the basis of common values, the company's management team to continuously strengthen the talent echelon construction and corporate culture. The construction of the company has trained a large number of production management business backbone who are deeply committed to the artificial turf industry, laying the foundation for the company's sustainable development and expansion.

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